Sophia Wants Women to Learn About Money and Prioritise Their Financial Wellness

Press: Tatler Asia / Front & Female

From the fundamentals of money to angel investing and crypto, education platform Sophia wants women to engage in their financial futures and talk about money. Co-founders Tanya Rolfe, Christine Yu and Nicole Denholder explain why.

How Sophia Helps Women Get Invested in Finance

Press: Singapore Business Review

Sophia Co-founder Tanya Rolfe speaks to Singapore Business Review about Sophia's mission to build a financial education platform for women in Asia and beyond.

Uplifting Women Through Financial Literacy

Press: CNN Philippines

Sophia Co-founder, Christine Yu speaks to CNN Philippines' Rico Hizon on live TV about how to break the gender pay, funding and wealth gap in the Philippines, and why Sophia could be one solution.
CNN Philippines_ChristineYu_RicoHizon

Why It Pays To Invest In Women

Press: CNA Insider

Money Mind | Gender Lens Investing: Women hold about a third of the world's wealth. How can these trillions of dollars be better mobilised?

This startup aims to teach women to think differently about money

Press: Yahoo Finance

Raising money for a start-up comes with challenges, but when you’re a female entrepreneur looking to drum up some cash, the obstacles could be massive stumbling blocks.

This startup wants more female investors

Press: The Peak Magazine

Co-founder of financial education platform Tanya Rolfe tells why women aren’t investing – and why it’s important to change that.

"Saturday Mornings" Sophia Investor Education

Press: MoneyFM 89.3

Co-Founders of education platform Sophia, Tanya Rolfe, and Christine Yu talk to "Saturday Mornings" about their platform for investing empowerment and training for women.

Tackling a gender investing and funding gap

Press: Business Times Singapore

Women are paid less than men and substantially less represented in the financial industry, but can still use their own wealth to empower themselves.

We need to teach women to think differently about money

Press: Nikkei Asia

How to drive more investment to female entrepreneurs.