The Money Makers Podcast is a finance, innovation and investing show for amazing women everywhere of all ages. We feature an inspiring woman from the investing and finance sector or a female founder with a special focus on Asia. The podcast is hosted by Tanya Rolfe (of Sophia). Christine Yu and Nicole Denholder (Sophia’s Co-founders) also feature as guest hosts. Tune in wherever you get your podcasts.

Episode 1

Shaking it up: Women & Money. The Sophia founders, Christine Yu, Nicole Denholder and Tanya Rolfe talk about the launch of their latest venture, Sophia. Sophia is set to shake up the world of investing for women. Built by women, for women.
Sophia Founders on the Money Makers Podcast powered by Sophia

Episode 2

On a mission: Women In Finance. Alexandra McGuigan is the Global Development Director for 100 Women in Finance. They’re on a mission to see 30% representation in senior leadership positions in the finance industry.
Alexandra McGuigan on the Money Makers Podcast

Episode 3

Pioneers: Japan’s first ESG-focused fund & first female-led fund MPower Partners, Kathy Matsui & Yumiko Murakami focus on investments into growth- to late-stage Japanese startups. Kathy & Yumiko talk about their respective journeys, cultural challenges between moving between USA and Japan and the venture landscape in Japan.
Yumiko Murakami & Kathy Matsui (M Power) on Money Makes Podcast powered by Sophia

Episode 4

Telemedicine - a transition from human health to pet health. Athena Lee is the Co-Founder & CEO at ZumVet, a veterinary care platform through video calls and house calls. Athena talks about her traditional beginnings but her rebel roots led her to the world of entrepreneurship.
Athena Lee, Founder of Zumvet, on the Money Makers Podcast powered by Sophia

Episode 5

The Covid-19 impact on Venture Capital Investments. Rachel Lau is a Managing Partner at RHL Ventures in Malaysia. Rachel shares more about the focus of the fund, the impact Covid has had on their investment thesis and some of the exciting ventures she is backing.
Rachel Lau, RHL Ventures, talks on Money Makers Podcast powered by Sophia