Introduction to Your Money Basics Course

Your Money Basics was made for you! Let’s go back to basics with this course that focuses on practical ways to create a budget, ways to save, manage your debt, reduce your spending, build an emergency fund and everything in between.

What you will learn

  • Why it's important to get on top of your money

  • How to make a budget for your lifestyle

  • How to manage debt in a healthy way

  • How to spend your money in a mindful way

  • The basics of building your emergency fund

  • Using the budgeting tool included in the course

This course is for women who are:

  • ready to take control of their money

  • looking for simple ways and tools to get started on financial goals

  • ready to turn managing money into a positive experience

  • want to use their money to start doing more of the things they love

How you will benefit

Flexible and convenient learning

Learn on the go, anywhere, anytime in bite-sized lessons with our digital course.

Flexible and convenient

Get control of your money

This course helps you setup an easy budget in no time with our course and included tool. Plus our handy checklist keep you on your money journey.

Get started on wealth creation

Start working on your dreams

Set up a structure with knowledge, tools and inspiration to help you work towards your lifestyle goals.

Achieve your financial goals

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Your Money Basics

    2. What to expect

    3. Your Checklist - please download

    4. Pre Course Knowledge Quiz

    1. Your Money Mindset

    2. Quick Check-In

    1. Making A Budget

    2. Quick Check-In

    3. Sophia Budgeting Tool- Excel version

    1. Managing Debt: Introduction

    2. Managing Debt: Credit Cards

    3. Managing Debt: Property Loans

    4. Managing Debt: Car Loans

    5. Managing Debt: Student Loans

    6. Managing Debt: Summary

    7. Check-In - Your Feedback Matters

    8. If you're enjoying 'Your Money Basics' please refer a friend to Sophia

    1. Module 4: Mindful Spending

    2. Feedback

    1. Module 5: Building Your Emergency Fund - Fierce Fund

    2. Feedback

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 28 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Bonus material

Our Sophia Budgeting Tool is included
in this course

  • Sophia Budgeting Tool

    $15 value

    Put everything you’ve learned about managing your money, your debt, your Fierce Fund and your goals into our handy Sophia Budgeting Tool. Get started achieving YOUR financial goals today!

Your instructors

Jeannette Chan

Associate Partner, St. James's Place

Jeannette brings a wealth of international experience from working in three continents over the past 25 years – having started her illustrious investment banking career dealing with financial derivatives in Singapore, Hong Kong, moving on to London and Australia before returning to Singapore in 2019.

Tanya Rolfe

Sophia Co-Founder

Tanya’s 15-year legal career at some of the world’s largest law firms has honed her ability to influence and collaborate with people from diverse disciplines and backgrounds, and to structure and manage complex projects. Tanya spent 7 years in Real Estate legal teams before moving into legal team management. Tanya spent 8 years in Corporate M&A at both Simmons & Simmons and Norton Rose Fulbright in London. Eager to enter the world of venture, Tanya founded the Ladies Investment Club in Singapore shortly after moving from the UK in 2017. Tanya grew a team of 40 female investors which enabled female investors to build their investment portfolio and credentials, while providing hard to access funding to female founders. She has a track record of building investor teams to provide the combination of skills required to support founders.

Still Have Questions?

  • How can I connect with other women who are learning this course?

    Great question! Sophia knows community and camaraderie are just as important as education so we have created the Sophia Membership Programme. Sign Up now to join a wonderful community of women on the same journey as you and we will do the rest for you!

  • Do you have more resources I can access outside of this course?

    You bet we do! Our advice is to sign up to the Sophia community for the full suite of resources and in addition, follow our Instagram - @thesophiawomen and also our LinkedIn page:

  • Can I get the course fee reimbursed by my company?

    We hope so! Some companies are providing credits to their employees for educational courses as part of their employee benefits offering. You may therefore be able to use this credit for Sophia - please check with your HR teams.

  • Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

    You will receive a certificate of completion! We want to document your progress as you move through our courses.

  • Can I purchase a course without the membership?

    Your 1 year membership comes FREE with your course purchase! it's a community just for women like you to help you on your learning journey.

  • Do I have to be a woman to buy your course?

    Anyone can buy our course! However, our Membership is for women (or those who identify as a woman) only. We are creating a safe space for women to support one another in their investing journey!

  • If I have more questions how can I contact you?

    Please do! We're available to answer all your questions at:

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